There are moments in my life, I ´recall I might have been a wife,
oh, but somehow it all went down in strife, so I better walk on (better walk on)
So I’m still here on my quest, looking out for the one, the man, the best
Up so far blessed with almost none success - oh come on!

Modern comforts, modern times – there's no way that not alines
with apps or social media, so voilá!
Profile, picture, some comments, few seconds later you get swamped
by a flood of attempts to get you queer or gay – Hooray!

And then you pick to flirt with a guy,  up so far he seems really nice
everything's working just fine, you send him fotos, he returns - a surprise!

Welcome to the world of

Dickpics - I was just waiting for your
Dickpic - I'd love to adore your
Dickpic - oh, gimme more and more and more…
‘cause the ultimate goal for me to see
is the thing u use to pee

So there’s the point of no return, pictures in mind cannot be burnt
there’s but a hard way to learn -  men, listen up!
Women like men are both the same, we like to play, we like the game,
we like aesthetics when it comes to art - but thats not the case with your private parts.

We are far off this intimacy! So respect my very own privacy!
when I need this to be shown, I just like you – watch porn 

Now, there's the screen for all those

Dickpics – Never seen nothin like your
Dickpics – No no, not psycho, just your
Dickpics - oh, gimme more and more
No, I don't wanna hashtag me too - so go and fuck your

Dickpic - I was not waiting for your
Dickpic - Oh, gimme on encore your
Dickpic – I’m caught forevermore and more
‘cause the ultimate goal for me to see...              


Your richie, your winkle, your donga, your stick
your member, your joystick, your chopper, your prick
your lever, your handle, your pipe, the slim jim,
the chili dog, dangler, the python, the tim.

Your tool, your plonker, your tadger, your schlong
the pizzle, the phallus, the second tongue,
your pecker, John Thomas, your weenie, your wang,
will never show how much your’re worth as man.

Just follow the rules,  that had been defined:

Don’t send me yours – or I’ll send you mine!

Come on now, girls, show all your

Pussypics –   where are those pretty pretty

Pussypics – please show the world all those

Pussypics – come on , lets go, lets go, lets go


equal rights, equal rules, equal wages,

equal chances, equal choices - equal obliges

maybe then men realize that we don't put our pussies in pics

so why the fuck dicks?